Would you like to become an owner of a successful lingerie business with your own brand and influence thousands of people wearing your brand days and nights?
We will give you everything you need to achieve just this, without you having to go through all the sweat and pain anymore!
Discover a brand new way of building a successful online brand that everyone can't wait to talk about it!
As a lingerie wholesaler for 10 years in the industry, these are what we could do for you:
1. We create an "Done-it-for-you" online store under your own domain name. The store will be imported with thousands of hot products to sell; 

2. We dropship all merchandise to your customers under your own brand with private labels;

3. We will teach you how to build a successful online membership system that generate massive cashflow for your business!
We will set up your unique e-commerce store in your brand name. 
All products would be readily imported to your store and we will teach you how to build a successful membership system to let customers multiply by itself!
Your store would come with ready products!
Here are some of the hot selling categories for our lingerie products
(No MOQ and we supply them at wholesale price)
plus size
Plus size
lounge wear
Lounge wear
Glow in dark
Full lace
waist training
Bra sets
You decide what price you want to sell and you collect payment from your customers
You do not pay for inventory until you have a sale!
Here's why you need to work with us
  •  We are a manufacturer and have more than 10 years of manufacturing experience in fashion and lingerie. 
  •  All the products would be supplied directly by us and we control the quality of every single product. We know what we are shipping to your customers;
  •  We are one of the very few suppliers that could provide private labeling service;
  •  We save you tons of money and time by taking care of the most pains-taking works of building a web store, inventory managing and shipping;
  •  Lingerie is the most bought products online due to its intimacy nature;
  •  We help you develop a money-making membership system that basically get yourself out from the price competitions in the market;
  •  We teach you how to develop a good copy that sells;
  •  As a supplier, we could offer you better discount and other benefits for your customers;
  •  As a manufacturer, we help you customize your own product lines that sets yourself apart from other competitors.
Your website would come with the following features:
  • Mobile friendly templates with your own domain name
  •  Choose whatever products you like to import to your web store
  •  "Free shipping" mode available
  •  Ready shopping cart integrated with popular payment gateway 
  •  One click to modify product pricing
  •  Substantive number of homepage banners available
  •  Free modification of product SKU codes  
  •  Automatic imports of new products and removal of out of stock items  
  •  One click to make payment for product cost, no need for re-ordering when you have a sale 
  •  Upload your own products for free
  •  Discount coupon, countdown timer, tier discount settings, articles etc 
Your store comes with FREE Digital Product Catalogs made under your own brand
“I got my digital product catalogs made under my own brand for free. It help me save tremendous amount of time. Thanks turnkeymaster!" - Fay. C
Bring your business to the next level by going for high end markets with this premium "glow in the dark" 
Italian lace lingerie
Which means you are now aiming for high ticket spenders so that you could spend less time and effort making the same amount of money!
With this lingerie, you could target mens who would like to get a surprised gift for their girlfriends.
You get to earn up to 200% in profit on these products
High quality images will be provided
Private labels and fantastic packaging
We provide private labels and personalize packaging for your orders. We would insert swing tags with your own logo into the products and we would place your logo on the packaging before shipping them to your customers. When your customers receive the goods, they will only see your brand on the  packaging.
You would never have to make any video by yourself - Because we have made them for you!
We have shot more than 50 videos for your marketing needs and here are some samples
The videos would be watermarked with your logo and here are some samples!
Have a feel how much you are able to profit from each product
Up to 80% - 100% in average if you are selling to the US market
There is a niche market you must also pursue in this business
The Plus Size!
This group of customers are easily targetable on social media. You could choose to build a web store only with the plus size.
If you are still with us, you would understand by now no one understand lingerie business better than us!
Other than lingerie, we also dropship other types of products such as ladies fashion, evening gown, active wear, leggings, shoes, kids fashion, fashion jewelry, handbags, adult toys etc
Bohemian Styles
Evening Gown
High Heels
Ladies Fashion
Customized T-shirts
Kids Fashion
Trendy Bracelets
Fashion Jewelry
Adult Toys
You could import all the above products, which are about 8000 of them to your store and upgrade it to a Mega Shopping Mall
What is a mega shopping mall? Watch video below
Mobile Responsive, High Traffics Driven Web Store Templates
"Easy-to-Operate" Back Office
Product List Page
Change Product Pricing
Update New Products
Make Payment for Order
Change Homepage Banners
Change Shipping Mode
Setting up payment gateway
Setting up discount coupons
How to set up selling prices for the products and import new products to your store? The video below explains how to: 
We have adequate inventory to meet your daily needs
Take a look at our warehouse
Click to view some of our customers' web stores
sample lingerie website
sample lingerie website
sample lingerie website
Be like one of the below businesses who have started their online venture with our help. 
Now you do not have to worry about starting from scratch and doing everything yourself!
Why should you sell in your own web store and not marketplaces such as amazon?
1. There is no way to build your own brand and influence thousands of people wearing that brand with products selling on amazon.
2. There is no way that you could build a money making membership system using an amazon store
3. Why let amazon make 20% out of your profit on every sale, when you know how to build your own brand and get customers to stick?
~ Comment from Steve Griffin, founder of mandyschoice.com, our VIP member
Here's what our other customers said
"As a re-seller, you could now have your own lingerie business in 24 hours without going through the hassles of building your own website and sourcing for products."
Noelia Monge
Celebrity, Singer and Founder of Noelicious.com
"Running a success turnkey store as a busy Mum is made easy by the amazing support given to me by all the team at Turnkeymaster.com. They are very efficient, thoughtful and care about my store like it was there own. They ensure that my orders are given top priority; which is amazing as I know they have many other stores and a busy retail outlet. I love my turnkey store as it allows me to work full-time from my own home and still take care of my children..."
Fifi Groh
Housewife and a mother of four, founder of prettycorsets.co.nz
"WOW! Wow! Wow! You have done a better job choosing than I would have! You are amazing! Thank you so much! I am deeply grateful and appreciative to you and your company! Love the items you have chosen. Thank you so much for the great lengths you have gone to. I can't even begin to describe how I feel right this moment. Cheers and Thank you Turnkeymaster.com!"
Sue Gould
Owner of Flirtacious Lingerie Store (Australia)
What would you be getting?
Free Bonuses include private labels, additional 5% discount on merchandise 
  • A fully integrated e-commerce mobile friendly web store under your own domain name under the Business package for 24 months of use;
  •  Private labels - 1000 pcs of swing tags of your own logo and delicate packaging;
  •  Switch between different web store templates;
  •  5000 call-to-action banners;
  •  Free logo design , free livechat tool, blog, pop-up window and digital catalogs
  •  Bulk upload of products from other suppliers of your own;
  •  Wholesale price for all products with a further 5% discount;
  •  Guidelines on how to create a success proven money-making online membership program that generate cashflow for your business;
  •  Tips on how to create a giveaway campaign that increase followers;
  •   Customers support through skype, whatsapp and livechat; 
How much does it cost you?
If you go for the Business Package without any discount, your investment for 24 months would be US$1056
We are giving away 80% discount!
Original Price
You pay only
$199 in total
(No further fees to be paid for the next 24 months - You save $857!)
Yes, only $199 
and you would be your own boss 
in the next 24 hours
  Money loves speed, who acts fast wins!
We don't care who you are and where you are from. 
If you are seriously thinking about making a change to your life, you have to do something about it. 
Now everything is in place for you to start making your first online sale.
* No large capital investment needed
* No need to spend months struggling with sale
* No need to to build a website from scratch
* No need to source for products
* No need to spend big money on advertising

...We will build you a ready business, not just a web store
...We will teach you how to build a successful membership program that stays away from price competitions and generate cashflow for your business
...We will also help you build a list of look-alike-audience on facebook using our own database 

This is your chance to make a bang or never.
Original Price
You pay only
$199 in total
(No further fees to be paid for the next 24 months - You save $857!)
You only pay 20% of the original price.
We absorb 80% for you and get this incredible deal done!
If you are not satisfied with our service, email us and 
we will refund the full money to you within 30 days
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