Understand how PRIVATE LABELING helps you sell more than anyone else
90% of the re-sellers who dropship the products to their customers with their own private labels sell twice as much as those who don't
JUST imagine how quickly you could build your brand by leveraging on private labeling and get customers to buy from you repeatedly because of your brand. 

Imagine how silly it could be after selling thousands of products, only to realize that your customers do not remember who they have been buying it from!
There is no need to buy in bulk in order to have your own private labels on your products! 
(Ship as and when you need to. Watch how we insert your label in the item ordered and place in nice packaging)
Online Marketing Is A Battle Of Perception and Branding
Turnkeymaster.com gives you everything you need to start an online business
How does this work?
  • 1. You could now start an online business with a web store that comes with READY PRODUCTS TO SELL in just 24 hours. All the products would be DROPSHIPPED to your customers by us directly.
  • 2. Your web store would be loaded with hot products instantly. You do not have to source for other suppliers for your business as we supply all the products for you to sell.
  • 3. All products shipped to your customers would be inserted with PRIVATE LABELS under your brand;
  • 4. You could start your own SUBSCRIPTION BOX program by sending packages to your customers consistently every month through a built-in subscription program on your web store.
  • 5. You could own a "MEGA SHOPPING MALL" that comes with about 8000 hot selling products from various categories such as apparels, handbags, fashion jewelry, sportswear, evening gown, hobbies and niche products, adult toys etc
  • 6. Thousands of pre-designed homepage banners are provided for your use on your web store for free!
We have built our brand, now we build yours
1. You could rely on our 10 years manufacturing experience in fashion and lingerie to provide your customers with the most trendy and reliable products. 

2. You get to build your brand faster with our private labeling service;

3. You get happy customers by providing them with value for money products;

4. Lingerie is our core business and it is the most sought after products online due to its intimacy nature;

5. You get to enjoy better prices from us by cutting off any middleman;

6. You get to customize your own product lines that sets you apart from competitors.
*** You decide what price you want to sell and your customers pay you directly ***
You do not pay for inventory until you have a sale!
To get started, just select and import the products to your store
You could select any or all of the product categories and import them to your web store
(No minimum order quantity required)
plus size
Plus size
lounge wear
Lounge wear
Glow in dark
Full lace
waist training
Bra sets
Your website comes with the following features:
  • Mobile responsive template with your own domain name
  •  Subscription features to cater for monthly subscription box service
  •  Flexible shipping mode to offer "Free shipping" to your customers
  •  Shopping cart integrated with popular payment gateway such as Stripe, 2checkout, paypal express
  •  One click to import all porducts
  •  One click to modify all product selling price
  •  Countless professionally designed homepage banners
  •  Free modification of product SKU codes  
  •  Automatic imports of new products and removal of out of stock items  
  •  One click to make payment for product cost, no need for re-ordering when you have a sale 
  •  You could upload your own products from other suppliers
  •  Discount coupon, countdown timer, tier discount settings, articles etc 
created with your 
own brand.....
 Ready Made Product  Videos  
We have shot more than 50 videos and you would be provided with product videos for your marketing purposes.
We will watermark the videos with your own logo
Here are some samples
What is your potential profit margin?
 You make up to 80% - 100% in average if you are selling to the US market
Target the niche market with
The Plus Size!
This group of customers are easily targetable on social media. You could choose to build a web store only with the plus size.
If you are still with us, you would understand by now no one understand lingerie business better than us!
You can now further crush your competition with these remarkable products
Target big spenders with the premium Luminoglow Brand's glow in the dark Italian lace lingerie supplied by us
Earn up to 200%-300% in profit 
Simply alluring, classy, unique, non-coventional
You could also import other products from our platform and increase your product base
Other than lingerie, we also dropship other types of products such as ladies fashion, evening gown, active wear, leggings, shoes, kids fashion, fashion jewelry, handbags, adult toys etc
Ladies Fashion
Customized T-shirts
Kids Fashion
Bohemian Styles
Evening Gown
High Heels
Trendy Bracelets
Fashion Jewelry
Adult Toys
Put 8000 products in front of your customers by the powerful
Mega Shopping Mall
You could import all the above products, which are about 8000 of them to your store and upgrade it to a Mega Shopping Mall
Move your customers to become members who pay you a monthly fee with
Subscription Box Program
What is a subscription box program?
Subscription box program allows your customers to sign up on a long term subscription box with you and you deliver to them each month a lingerie package, with items that you select for them. This is a very hot trend in the market and you could create long term membership with your customers via this program.
Check Out Our Templates
You can select from a wide variety of different mobile responsive templates
Easy-to-Operate "Back Office"
Product List Page
Change Product Pricing
Update New Products
Make Payment for Order
Change Homepage Banners
Change Shipping Mode
Setting up payment gateway
Setting up discount coupons
How to set up selling prices for the products and import new products to your store? The video below explains how to: 
We have adequate inventory to meet your daily needs
Some of our customers' web stores
sample lingerie website
sample lingerie website
sample lingerie website
They were like you before....until they found us.....
Now you do not have to worry about starting from scratch and doing everything yourself!
Here's what our other customers said about us
"As a re-seller, you could now have your own lingerie business in 24 hours without going through the hassles of building your own website and sourcing for products."
Noelia Monge
Celebrity, Singer and Founder of Noelicious.com (USA)
"I am very pleased with the level of service and confidence i had rebranding and launching my online lingerie boutique.  Turnkeymaster team has provided superb service! 
Jeff is very informative, prompt with communication and honest. He really helps you understnd the business of E commerce with marketing tools that are easy to use. Thet provide all described in their plan and beyond!!!
The back office interface is so easy to use & manage, the products are great and i am proud to stand by my brand and say turnkeymaster was a huge role in it all! Thank you Jeff! You are truly great at what you do. If you want to start your online business Turnkey is the choice and Jeff is your guy!"
Model and founder of Pretty Posh Lingerie, USA
"Running a success turnkey store as a busy Mum is made easy by the amazing support given to me by all the team at Turnkeymaster.com. They are very efficient, thoughtful and care about my store like it was there own. They ensure that my orders are given top priority; which is amazing as I know they have many other stores and a busy retail outlet. I love my turnkey store as it allows me to work full-time from my own home and still take care of my children..."
Fifi Groh
A mother of four and founder of prettycorsets.co.nz
"WOW! Wow! Wow! You have done a better job choosing than I would have! You are amazing! Thank you so much! I am deeply grateful and appreciative to you and your company! Love the items you have chosen. Thank you so much for the great lengths you have gone to. I can't even begin to describe how I feel right this moment. Cheers and Thank you Turnkeymaster.com!"
Sue Gould
Owner of Flirtacious Lingerie Store (Australia)
"When we started “The-Miss”, the most important factors for us were quality, reliability and above all, communication. We snuck a test order from Turnkey to test the quality, and we were so impressed with the packaging, impressed with the quality, the craftsmanship of the product, the speed of delivery, that we signed up our business with Turnkey. The set-up process is very easy. We were up and running in a day. The platform has opened up so many opportunities for us as a business, and Turnkey's support has been incredible given the pressures that we have with the operation. Product range is incredible, and the styles suit the masses! Turnkey really are a valuable asset to our business. It’s been a real pleasure working with Yoki, Michelle and the team. Look forward to continuing our growth with you for many years to come."
Alina and Ricky
 Owners of The-Mistress Lingerie (Australia)
"I own a fashion store in India and since I came across turnkeymaster.com, I decided to use them to offer a variety of different products to my customers. What I did is I put some samples of their goods in my store and when my customers come to my store, I get them to pay on the spot and turnkeymaster would help me ship the goods to my customers. I do not need to carry all the inventory and I am able to offer the latest products to my customers on my online store. I am very happy with their service!"
Hiya Ghanta
 Owner of La Ranya Fashion (India)
How much does it cost you?
Other fees:
Mega Shopping mall Template fee = $199
Private labeling fee = $120
One time setup fee = $20
If you sign up for the Business Package and go for a mega shopping mall (with private labeling) on our website, your investment for the first month would be $378 and thereafter $39 per month. 
Total investment for 12 months 
Today, we are giving away a 78% discount!
Original price = US$713
You pay only
$199  in total for 12 months
(No further fees to be paid for the next 12 months - 
You save $514 instantly!)
 What would you be getting?
Include private labels, additional 2.5% discount on all merchandise 
  • A fully integrated e-commerce mobile responsive web store under the Business package with 12 months of use;
  •  Private labels comprising 1000 pcs of swing tags of your own logo and delicate packaging;
  •  Unlimited change of web store templates;
  •  5000 call-to-action homepage banners choices;
  •  Free upgrade to a mega shopping mall that comes with about 8000 product choices;
  •  Free design of your web store logo;
  •  Enjoy a further 2.5% discount on all merchandise;
  •  Subscription box features help you create long term membership;
  •  SSL configuration (at a discount);
  •  Customers support through skype, whatsapp and livechat; 
  Money loves speed, act now!
You only pay 22% of the original price and get the full benefits.
With an investment of only $199
you would own a Mega Shopping Mall for 12 months 
with private labeling that gives you a head start of your business!
If you are not satisfied with our service, email us and 
we will refund the full money to you within 30 days
Enter your email address and go to the next step
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